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Scaffolding Flanks & Boards

Scaffolding Planks / Boards

As per BS 2482 with end band 36 mm thick, 225 mm wide ,and 3.9 m long.

OSHA certified LVL Boards , 38 mm thick ,225 mm wide and 3.9 m long.

Made from Mild Steel Width 250 mm Depth 50 mm Finishing: Painted / Galvanized.

Are in particular very practical due to its easy handling, low weight .Dimension Standards: mm 80 x 200 x 2450/2900/ 3300/3600/ 3900/4200/ 4900/5900

 Scaffolding Planks/Boards in UAE and Scaffolding Planks/Boards Rentals in UAE


Discover premium Scaffolding Planks/Boards in UAE, perfect for various construction and maintenance projects. Our range includes high-quality Wooden Boards compliant with BS 2482, measuring 36 mm thick, 225 mm wide, and 3.9 m long, ensuring safety and durability. For projects requiring superior strength, choose our OSHA-certified LVL Boards, 38 mm thick, 225 mm wide, and 3.9 m long. For maximum durability and longevity, we offer Steel Boards made from Mild Steel, 250 mm wide, 50 mm deep, available in both Painted and Galvanized finishes.

We also provide flexible Scaffolding Planks/Boards rentals in UAE, allowing you to access top-tier equipment without the need for long-term investment. Our rental options cater to diverse project requirements, offering reliability and convenience. Whether you need wooden, LVL, or steel scaffolding planks, our comprehensive selection and rental services in UAE ensure you have the right tools for every job.

Quaddream Scaffolding Contracting LLC is one of the leading suppliers of scaffoldings since 2012


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