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Aluminium Foldable Tower Supplier In UAE

foldable tower rentals in uae
  • 15 cm dual break castor wheel flixed
  • 72 cm wide 6 rung foldable frame
  • 72 cm wide 3 rung guardrall frame
  • 155 cm long trapdoor platform
  • 155 cm long brace horizontal
  • 162 long brace diagonal Snap pins
  • Ensure all castor are fixed & locked
  • Open folding frame and engage the lock
  • Fix the diagonal brace to stabilize the tower
  • Fix the trapdoor to accesses the platform
  • Fix the guard rail
  • Arrange the Toe Board
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Capacity 250 kg

  • 15 cm dual break castor wheel flixed
  • Foldable Podium Frame
  • Wooden Aluminum Step
  • Wooden Platform
  • Movable Braces
  • Unfold the unit, open the gate braces and square the unit.
  • Fit the platform on the rung.
  • Place unit in work position and lock all castors.
  • Enter platform, close gate braces in their locations ensuring that the brace hooks are fully engaged.
Safe working Load

Capacity 250 kg

foldable podium supplier in uae

Why Quaddream Foldable Towers

Tired of wasting time with cumbersome scaffolding? Quaddream’s aluminium foldable towers are the answer. These lightweight champions are engineered for maximum efficiency. Their ingenious folding mechanisms allow for quick assembly and disassembly, saving you precious time and streamlining your workflow. Don’t let their weight fool you – Quaddream’s towers are crafted from high-grade aluminium, offering exceptional strength to support impressive weight capacities.


Safety is paramount at Quaddream. That’s why their aluminium foldable towers boast a comprehensive suite of safety features. Secure lockable castors ensure unwavering stability, while guardian angel guardrails surround the platform for fall protection. The convenient trapdoor access eliminates the need for precarious climbing, and rock-solid braces bolster the tower’s structural integrity. Invest in Quaddream’s aluminium foldable towers and experience the difference. Maximum efficiency meets unmatched safety, making Quaddream the clear choice for conquering any height with confidence.

Quaddream Scaffolding Contracting LLC is one of the leading suppliers of scaffoldings since 2012


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